A Weekend Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is one of the loveliest cities I have ever travelled to. My friends and I booked the trip a few months in advance and to be honest, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect. We went for two nights and three days in total, and it really was the perfect weekend city break! I thought I would share with you all, what we did, where we went and everything I can think of, for you to have a great weekend like we did. There will be a Vlog uploaded soon on this trip – YUP I am starting YouTube! Subscribe to my channel if you want to stay up to date with where Samantha Loves goes to next……

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3 Weeks in Thailand

Ever wanted to travel Thailand but you don’t have the luxury of taking a few months off work? Well not to worry, I travelled Thailand in just under 3 weeks and will help you to do the same! I am going to give you all the details of where I went, where I stayed and how I got from A to B. Hope you enjoy!

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Catch up – The past 9 months

Stop the lights – how has it been 9 whole months since my last post. I completely blame my lack of time management when coping with my masters. Sincere apologies, but I hope to be back in full swing blogging mode as this summer has definitely given me a new sense of life. For this post, I just wanted to update everyone on the year so far, then my next post will be updating you on the adventures that I have had so far. But first here are my few updates: …

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Highlights of 2017

With tomorrow being the 1st day of 2018, I wanted to look back on the past 12 months and write about some of my highlights. I wanted this year to be a year where I did the things that I always wanted to, but kept putting off. To some that may seem silly, because if they want to do something they will just do it, but ever since I was younger I would overthink everything and end up doing near to nothing that I wanted to. I promised myself this year that I would say yes more, take more chances and enjoy life a bit better and that is exactly what I did.

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Sinead De Blogger’s Ultimate Girl’s Day Out – Top Tips!


In May of this year, I took a trip to Kilkenny to Sinead De Blogger’s (website here) first workshop! I had been following Sinead’s blog a while and really wanted to support her as she held her first workshop in Langton House Hotel. I have met Sinead a few times now, and she is exactly how she comes across on social media, an absolute beauty and so lovely. I admire her so much for the work she does as a nurse full time, as well as her passion and drive for fashion and beauty, and sharing all this with us online. Sinead is holding her second workshop this weekend so I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I learnt from the workshop in May!…

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