Rose Gold Heaven at Primark



Happy Monday gals!

I hope that you have all made it through Monday with a smile on your faces, but if not don’t worry only 4 more nights until the weekend! haha but lets not wish our lives away – rather,  let’s talk about Primark Homeware instead.

This weekend, I went on a little shopping spree (payday weekend – did I really have a choice?). I felt I needed to get a few A/W winter pieces for when the weather gets that bit colder – so I popped into Pennys/Primark – I am not too sure what to be calling it these days haha. Whilst I was in the clothing department, I knew I couldn’t leave without seeing if there was anything that caught my eye in the homeware department. Once again I wanted everything – so I am happy that I have a specific colour scheme that I try keep to in my room (see here), so I was looking for items that were either rose gold, metalic, white or grey – and Luckily Primark had exactly what I was looking for!!

Enjoy xx

Fluffy Throw: €28
Grey and Rose Gold Cushion: €10
White and Rose Gold Cushion: €8
Jewelry Stand €7
Bed Sheets and Top Grey Pillow are from Primark


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