Cocoa Brown Review: Real life Golden Goddess

Happy Tuesday Girls,
I hope you are all having a good start to the week! Today I wanted to write about the new love of my life – Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess oil. I do not know why I have only bought this in the last month but it has honestly transformed my tanning routine for the best.
When tanning, I usually use one of two tanning brands which are Bbold Tan and Cocoa Brown. I trust both brands and have only ever had good experiences with them. On top of my tan application I would normally use some of my Mary Loumanizer from the Balm for highlight along my collar bones.

When I was in Galway during the summer for the races my friend Terrina had the golden goddess oil, so that is when I tried it for the first time and instantly fell in love with the glow that it gives. It comes out so well on camera, can be used on cheekbones for highlight effect and it looks great when applied down the front of your shins, giving them a holiday glow.

I picked up my first bottle from Pennys! Safe to say it will be a staple for nights out from now on, and I cannot wait to try the new Ice Goddess oil that comes out next month! 

Samantha x
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