Overcoming the Fear of Snapchat

Good Evening!

Something I wanted to talk about today on the blog was about Snapchat (@samanthalovesxo) and the fear of speaking to your camera. Before Sunday, I had never spoken on camera and I was so petrified of doing so because I thought that people would judge me – I think this is something everyone faces before they do something a bit out there and out of their comfort zone.

I follow so many bloggers on Snapchat and LOVE listening to what they have to say, see what they’re doing and looking at new products that they are using at the moment or outfits they are wearing – it gives me a bit of inspiration for what I want to buy and try out. I have thought for the past year or so that I would love to be able to speak on Snapchat like those I follow, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Before I got up the courage to speak, I wrote to a few of my favourite bloggers & Snapchatters such as Sinead from “Sinead De Blogger” (SC: sindebutleir) and Niamh from “Behind the Braids” (SC: niamhyxo) and asked for their advice on how they got the courage and confidence to do it. They both came back with such lovely comments, to say that if it is something I want to do, I should go for it. If your friends are true friends they won’t judge you and will encourage you and be happy for you. I also put a tweet out on twitter and so many lovely people such as the girls from Meaghers Pharmacy got back to me to encourage me – it definitely helped me!!


Before Posting a video of me speaking, I wanted to let my followers. mainly my friends, know that I was about to talk on camera. Then I decided to start with something simple, something that I could talk about rather than purely talking to the camera about whatever came into my head. I started with the amazing gift box that I got from Meaghers Pharmacy at BloggerConf. Firstly, I introduced myself, then went through each product that I got in my gift box. Although it was nerve wrecking, it really helped to have had the support from fellow bloggers beforehand.

After I spoke, I didn’t look at who had seen my story for ages! I rang one of my best friends as I was shaking with nerves and she reassured me to the point where I actually felt emotional!! haha It may sound crazy to some, but I wanted to do this for so long and the relief and sense of achievement I felt, over managing to do it was incredible. I then started receiving so many lovely messages from friends and followers to say well done, and that they were glad I had started – the feeling was amazing!!

I want to thank every single one of you who contacted me, it honestly made me smile harder than I had smiled in months!! I would encourage anyone who is reading this to do one thing that you have been meaning to do for the last while but have put it off because you are scared or worried about what others think. People will always judge you, they will always comment but in reality there are always going to be more people who think what you do is great, and the people closest to you will always support you if they are true friends!!

So please do one thing today or this week that you have been meaning to, you will feel so good after it I promise.

Samantha x

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  1. Ah yay well done Samantha for taking the plunge! I've been thinking about doing this for so long but like you were, I'm worried about what others will think…

    Seeing you take the plunge is really encouraging and knowing that others have the same stress/fear about this is reassuring. Thanks for sharing!

    Niamh xx

    • Thanks so much for your comment Niamh, I am so glad that I may have helped you in some way 🙂 Honestly you will feel so much better about it when you finally do it!!

      Samantha x

  2. Well done you it's nerve wrecking the first time I always think I sound so different, I have given up on snapchat a bit at this stage was big into it last year but I just don't have as much time since I went back to work, most of my snaps are food/books and messing with filters lol

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