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Happy Sunday girls,

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. It is definitely starting to feel like spring, especially with the weather today – it actually felt warm! I had such a great day today, and I am still buzzing with excitement so I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

I attended the Cloud 10, benefit Masterclass with Chloe Boucher, at the Gibson Hotel. Wow. It was such a fantastic day, with lots of beauty tips and the chance to finally meet a few people that I follow on instagram – mainly Kate from Pure Irish Sugar, she is such a sweet girl!! The day started with Prosecco and cupcakes followed by a 2 hour beauty masterclass with Mark Rogers and Chloe Boucher and a tanning demonstration from Vita Liberata. There was plenty of chances to ask questions and the whole day was filled with laughter as Mark is just hilarious. We got amazing goodie bags, including discounts from brands such as Vavavoom and Cloud 10, benefit products and sweet treats from Propercorn and Good4u!

I took lots of notes throughout the day and wanted to share all of the tips with you from start to finish:

Tan – Vita Liberata
First up was tanning demonstration from Rachel at Vita Liberata. She spoke about prepping the skin and then used the Vita Liberata Fabulous self tanning tinted mouse in medium on the model which looked gorgeous. Rachel then used Body Blur and described it as “photoshop in a bottle” – what else do we need it is next on my “to buy list”.

Tip #1. Preparation is KEY with tanning – make sure you exfoliate prior to tanning. 
Tip #2. Be careful though if using moisturizers that are oil based, include perfume or alcohol – as these can leave residue on the skin and lead to blotchy/uneven tan. 
Tip #3. Chloe says that she applies Baby powder on her tan after applying the tan to get rid of any stickiness!! She does so with a big powder brush.


Skincare Prep before Makeup
Chloe Boucher mentioned three key products in her Skincare routine!

1. Bioderma Micelle Solution – uses this to remove makeup but also to prep the skin before putting make up on!
2. Pixi Glow Tonic – Uses this after Bioderma to brighten the skin. It contains Glycolic Acid which strips down dead skin calls but is very good/kind to the skin.
3. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré – This is a multi-purpose moisturiser, but it is key to only use a small amount. Chloe mentioned that you can use a stippling brush to put on your moisturizer.

Mark then went on to discuss primers, as he is often asked “how do I get that flawless, airbrushed look”. He recommends using Porefessional Primer, a matte primer – one of my favourites!! Applying a primer can help your makeup last 5 times longer.

Tip #4. Use your fingers to apply the primer, and apply in a patting motion.
Tip #5. Do not apply to the ridge of your nose – just the sides where you get open pores!!

Perfecting your base
For foundation Mark recommends using Hello Flawless from the benefit range! Starting in the center of the face (where there is the most discoloration and you need the most coverage), and then work outwards so that it blends into the hairline. Mark and Chloe both emphasized how important it is to buff your make up into your skin after applying!

Tip #6. Use Duo Fiber brushes for Cream products
Tip #7. The bigger and fluffier the brush – the lighter the application of makeup.
Tip #8. A pointed foundation brush is the best for full coverage foundation.
Tip #9. Never use a beauty blender without wetting it!!

For a full coverage matte concealer – Mark would recommend Bo-ing. Apply with a flat head foundation brush in a “patting” motion. For Precision concealing (for blemishes) use the same shade as foundation and a small headed brush.

Tip #10. Use a lighter concealer under your eye to brighten.
Tip #11. Apply in “v” under the eye to avoid creating bags under the eyes by applying too much.

A question that was asked at this part of the masterclass was what to do if makeup does not stay on your nose? Chloe and Mark gave a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure to start off by not applying primer to the top/ridge of the nose
  2. Use foundation, then use powder on top of it to set it, and then put some more foundation on top.
  3. Alternatively, you could put bo-ing concealer on top of the powder after you set your concealer.

Brows on fleek
In the benefit range – there are 9 products in the range, but taking every shade into consideration – there are 52 products over the whole entire range, but of course we don’t need all 52.
Benefit aim to give us a solution to our brow products – what more can we ask for?

Brow Mapping – There are three steps when creating your brows. Firstly, we need to determine where our brows should start, where the arch is (the highest point) and where the brow should end. I won’t try and upload a picture of my drawings – but you can see in the picture below I got from online!)

Image result for brow mapping benefit
Taken from:
No copyright intended.

Tip #12. When shaping brows with products such as the Ka-Brow – draw a line underneath from the start of your brow up to the arch, then from the arch to the end of your brow. Then do the top of your brow and shade in using hair like strokes.
Tip #13. When you are doing the front part of your brows use a lighter shade in a pencil, and apply in an upwards motion.

For blushers – Mark spoke about their newest of the collection, with is the Galifornia! It smells like coconuts and is a gorgeous coral colour. Kate from Pure Irish Sugar Blog said that she even used it as an eye-shadow.

Tip #14. When applying blusher, make sure that you aren’t smiling as you should apply your blusher on your “resting bitch face” haha
Tip #15. Don’t bring blusher in too close to the nose as it will make your face look rounder

Bronzer – I feel like Hoola is the holy grail for contouring bronzers!! It is a pure pigment product that can also be used for eyeshadow – I absolutely love using this on my eyes, I feel that it makes blue eyes pop! Chloe uses the Blank Canvas F04 angled brush for applying.

Tip #16. When applying bronzer, start at the ear and move apply in circular upwards motions towards the mouth – but not too close, just to underneath the pupil (when looking forward of course!).
Tip #17. Never use a bronzing powder with a shimmer for contouring.

Lashes & Liner
Mark and Chloe spoke about two Mascara’s:

1. The Roller Lash – one of these is sold every 25 second – so they must be good! Both said that this product is excellent for layering.
2. They’re Real – This product is more for dark haired people and if you have strong long lashes!

Tip #18. For an extra layer, look down and apply a layer of mascara on top of the lash.
Tip #19. When applying mascara, start at the very bottom of the lash – then wiggle it a bit and then brush it through!
Tip #20. For a winged Liner – the rule of thumb is the follow the lower lash line, and continue the line!!

Dessert Island with Chloe and Mark!
At the end of the masterclass, both Chloe and Mark choose 5 products each that they would have to have with them if they were stuck on a dessert Island….here is what they choose:


  1. Hello Flawless Foundation
  2. Hoola Bronzer
  3. Roller Lash Mascara
  4. Gimme Brow
  5. They’re real double the lip – in Criminally Common
  1. Porefessional Primer
  2. Bo-ing Concealer
  3. Galifornia
  4. Precisly My Brows Pencil
  5. Ka-Brow

It was an absolutely FABULOUS event and the goodie bag was amazing!! As well as the extra giftbag I won. I will be trialing out all of the new products over the next few weeks and will post lots of selfies on Instagram & Snapchat (samanthalovesxo)- make sure to come follow me 🙂

Samantha x


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