Sinead De Blogger’s Ultimate Girl’s Day Out – Top Tips!


In May of this year, I took a trip to Kilkenny to Sinead De Blogger’s (website here) first workshop! I had been following Sinead’s blog a while and really wanted to support her as she held her first workshop in Langton House Hotel. I have met Sinead a few times now, and she is exactly how she comes across on social media, an absolute beauty and so lovely. I admire her so much for the work she does as a nurse full time, as well as her passion and drive for fashion and beauty, and sharing all this with us online. Sinead is holding her second workshop this weekend so I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I learnt from the workshop in May!

1. How to Pose!

First up we had Catherine from Prima Modelling Agency to show us how to pose in a way that is most flattering. Her main tip was to not stand with your hands on your hips, this will draw attention to the widest part of your body, making you appear wider than you are. If you put your hands at the smallest part of your waist and bring them closer together (see image below!), this will create the illusion of a smaller waistline. When getting in a photo, bring your hips away from the camera and turn the top off of your body towards the camera.

2. Bra fitting with Belle Femme

We had a demonstration from Bridget Power from Belle femme. Bridget advised that we should get fitted every 6-8 weeks due to our hormones changing. A bra can take 7 inches of us!! Something I didn’t know was that we need to make sure that bra’s are not too loose on our back, so if you have a bra for a few months/years it is probably time to bin it!

Lastly, we were given the advice that ” You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes or jeans without trying them on or jeans”, so always make sure to try bra’s on.


2. How to Tan with Bellamianta

First of all we were told the meaning of the name! ‘Belle’ – it means beautiful and ‘Mianta’ means inspire so the meaning of the brand name is inspire to be beautiful. We got to see each of the products from the Bellamianta range and told how to prep our skin for tan. Bellamianta is the number on tan for bride – the spray tan can stay on for 5 days and has fantastic wear off. All formulas dry in 60 seconds.

  • Always exfoliate, you can use exfoliating gloves (Pennys sell these for a few euro!) Then you need to lather your skin in moisturiser followed by the tan.
  • Tanning Moose: The longer that you leave this on your skin to develop, the darker it will get. It is man proof – i.e. doesn’t smell bad.
  • Dry Oil: Very illuminating, it has bronzed particles so that light reflects off it.
  • Gradual Tan: This has a build-able colour and will last a few days – you would only need to apply this once or twice a week, depending on the shade of tan you prefer. It has gorgeous wear off because of the Aloe Vera and sheer butter ingredients – it is very moisturising on the skin.

3. Make Up Demo with Benefit

The gorgeous Kate from Benefit was in attendance and she gave away some beautfil products!

Benefit has 52 brow products, and in a lot of the product ranges there are 6 product colours to choose from. Kate’s go to product’s are the Gimme Brow and KaBrow – for a more striking and long lasting look.

3. Make up demo with Powder and Pout.

The makeup demonstration was brilliant. To prep the skin Aisling used a moisturising cream (I can’t remember the name!). For foundation she used the Blush Mineral Liquid Power Foundation. (Sinead uses the shade: Toasted Almond). Aisling is the owner of successful makeup brush company Powder n Pout. For foundation she used a duo fibre foundation burns for a more airbrushed finish. The foundation is a medium coverage but definitely buildable.

Top tips:

  • Contouring: Hollow under your cheek in a c shape for a more flattering look. Use the bottom dense part of brush for the Contour then the top for highlight. Make sure the contour is matte with no shimmer. The more grey tones are used to make shadows. Contour temples to accentuate the cheekbones.
  • For eyeshadow: The bigger the brush, the bigger the fall down and the less product. A smaller brush means more pigment.
  • Winged liner: Keep eyes open, follow bottom water line. Tap brush in to extend water line. Then close and join to lash line. Drag it across and fill in the space. Go from the outside into the middle then inside to the middle.
  • Make lips bigger: Highlight the cupids bow and then bronze under the bottom of the lip.
  • Foundation Tip: Test foundations for grease proof paper for oil levels!!

4. Skin Care Advice

Linda from Biofresh (based in Swords and Drogheda) was on hand to give us the best advice on skincare. She said that good make up comes from good skincare. The Biofresh products are natural skin care products with no harsh chemicals. Linda had the fab Stephanie on stage showcasing the products for us.

Cleansing steps/products mentioned:

  • Rose Water: Pop this onto a cotton pad to make it damp. Rose water is really good for the skin and helps red pigmantation.
  • Cleansing Milk: Put this onto the damp cotton pad. If you mix both to the cotton pad it will remove makeup quicker.
  • Ance Out: Really good product for acne or just break outs. Has some alcohol in it to dry out the spots. I have been using this for any break outs and it is incredible!
  • Probiotic Day Cream: Helps with elasticity of the skin .
  • Hydra Mask: Really good for dehydrated skin and you can sleep with it on your face overnight.

I have been using the cleansing milk and acne out cream over the past few months and think they are both fantastic products!! Unfortunately my phone died before I had the chance to take any pictures of the lovely Linda and Stephanie onstage, but you can see the cleansing milk pink bottle in the picture below – I would highly recommend it!


Overall it was a fantastic day, with amazing tips, afternoon tea and goodie bad. Sinead did an amazing job and I am so excited to see what’s to come for her.

Best of luck this weekend gal!Samantha x

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