Highlights of 2017

With tomorrow being the 1st day of 2018, I wanted to look back on the past 12 months and write about some of my highlights. I wanted this year to be a year where I did the things that I always wanted to, but kept putting off. To some that may seem silly, because if they want to do something they will just do it, but ever since I was younger I would overthink everything and end up doing near to nothing that I wanted to. I promised myself this year that I would say yes more, take more chances and enjoy life a bit better and that is exactly what I did.

London is one of my favourite cities so I am delighted that I got to visit again this year. I have a blog post on the two things that I recommend doing when you are in London (click here). Having breakfast at the Shard has always been on my bucket list. The food and views over the city did not disappoint and even the bathrooms were amazing! We did a lot of sightseeing too, which is something I love to do. Two things I haven’t done yet is see Kensington Palace and have dinner/drinks at Coppa Club over looking the River Thames (see here). Maybe in 2018!


The Late Late Show

Okay so this may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it has been on my bucket list for so long. I love the Late Late Show and when I was younger I was so jealous of the children who got to be on the Toy Show – now in saying that, I never applied to be on the show myself but yet every year I wanted to be there. As I am too old now to be one of the children reviewing toys on the show (if there was a way I could apply I would), I apply for show tickets every year. Long story short, someone couldn’t make it to the season finale during the summer so I was contacted to say that I could have the tickets. I brought my mam with me and it was brilliant. Being in a studio is so strange as it is so much smaller than you think, but the highlight for me was definitely seeing Ryan Tubridy and his guest Tommy Bowe.


Villamoura, Portugal

My second holiday of the year was to Portugal. It was my first time in Vilamoura and it did not dissapoint. the views were stunning! Our balcony looked right over the marina and the food was amazing. Although it wasn’t very cheap over there, and we only had a few days of sun as it was May – it was a lovely week away nonetheless and I would definitely recommend it as somewhere to visit.



This summer I got to attend some really cool events through my blog. One of those was the PrettyLittleThing.com summer event which was actually incredible. I was stood in the Penthouse Suite at the Morgan Hotel, surrounded by bloggers who I admire so much – it was a pinch me moment. Other amazing events were the likes of Dresses.ie, Thomas Sabo and an event with Galaxy Style – where Chupi spoke about building a brand. My friend Stephanie brought me to this event and it was so inspiring. Chupi said “Life is terribly short – take a crazy risk” and this couldn’t be more true. My mam and I also got tickets to go to Pippa O’Connor’s Fashion Factory in October (top tips from Pippa will be coming to the blog in 2018).





Taste of Dublin

I had always wanted to go to Taste of Dublin in Iveagh Gardens, so this year I told the girls that we needed to go. This event was right up my street as I am such a foodie. Thankfully, we got a really sunny day for the event so we could enjoy sitting out on the grass with a glass of prosessco whilst listening to the live music. It is quite an expensive day out (especially if like us you buy 40 tokens and get distracted by the music and forget to spend them!!) but totally worth it. The food was delicious, and my favourite restaurant Saba were there so I was in heaven.




Before this year, I had never been to a music festival in Ireland. I had always wanted to but something always got in the way, whether it was money or the stress/anxiety of whether I would enjoy it. This year I made a promise to myself that I would get a ticket to Longitude, so as soon as they went on sale I got a weekend ticket. I had the best time deciding on what to wear (click here for my outfits), getting my make up done and having a great time with my friends and family who went! I got see Picture This, Mumford and Sons and The Weeknd live, as well as so many other acts that I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy but I really did. The whole weekend was amazing – again the food was insane (I am a massive foodie), and I would 100% go again. I remember sitting on the grass on the Sunday with my cousin and her best friend, listening to artists I had never even heard of and absolutely loving it. Definitely a highlight of 2017.



Galway Races

I think this was my third year at the Galway Races and every year it gets better. We went down for 2 nights but ended up staying 3 nights, which is a good sign in itself. We actually only made it to 1 race but to be honest I personally never actually go to Galway for the races, I love the atmosphere in Galway during race week. We all laughed so much this year, and I already can’t wait for the next race weekend.



Las Vegas
This was definitely one of the best trips of my life to date, and a definite highlight for 2017. I travelled over to my sister and her friends that were on a J1 this summer. They were finishing off their J1 in Las Vegas, so I took it as a chance for me to visit and tick it off the bucket list. It is definitely. a place that I would recommend to everyone, it is out of this world. The hotels, casinos and atmosphere is incredible and we managed to see a few celebs (read my Las Vegas blog post here).




Back to college
I made one of the biggest decisions this year by deciding to go back to college. I have always wanted to go back to study, but I was never quite sure of what I wanted to study. I am currently working in recruitment and had an interest in HR but I knew I wanted to study something a bit different and more creative than that. When I finished my undergraduate in 2014, I lived in England and worked as a Marketing Intern. I really enjoyed the work and was intrigued by the digital landscape of marketing so researched for months before I decided to apply to DCU. I have just finished one semester already and it is safe to say that it is very challenging, but throughly enjoyable. My class are so lovely which definitely helps the stress levels when working full time and studying “part-time”.

One of my biggest goals for 2017 was to be a better friend. For many years I suffered a lot with anxiety which could be something that I will address on the blog in 2018 when I am ready. It caused me to not do a lot of the things that I wanted to do, not really leave my house and mainly not seeing many of my friends. Anxiety is a funny thing, as it makes your mind believe things that aren’t real and cause you to worry or question everything you do. For example, I would be ready for a night out with the girls (hair done, makeup on and dressed up to the nines) and then this overwhelming anxious feeling would come over me and I would not be able to leave my house. It was awful, but I am definitely getting a lot better at dealing with it. I wanted 2017 to be a better year and I am so happy that I have done that and fought through the anxiety that still arises from time to time.  I have some of the best friends and family, and I can’t wait to spend more time and make more memories with every single one of them in 2018.








Stay tuned to the blog for 2018 – I have lots of plans and can’t wait to share them all with you. Have an amazing 2018 everyone, and thank you for reading!

Samantha x

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