Catch up – The past 9 months

Stop the lights – how has it been 9 whole months since my last post. I completely blame my lack of time management when coping with my masters. Sincere apologies, but I hope to be back in full swing blogging mode as this summer has definitely given me a new sense of life. For this post, I just wanted to update everyone on the year so far, then my next post will be updating you on the adventures that I have had so far. But first here are my few updates: 

So far 2018 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, between breakdowns over college assignments and exams, boys messing with my brain (standard) and doing lots of fun stuff in the past few months of a college free summer – there have definitely been ups and downs. Firstly, college. I knew college was going to be tough, and that it would be challenging to get back into studying and assignments whilst working full time, but still it was about five times worse than expected. Worth it, yes – but extremely challenging. I stayed in most weekends, rarely seen my friends or even my family at times when assignments were due, so it was definitely a big shock to the system. I love DCU and I am so happy I chose to do my masters there, and the course is brilliant I am genuinely happy to go back next week and get stuck into my final year, although I am not so sure how I feel about becoming Samantha the hermit 2.0.

In terms of travel, I had said from 2017 that I wanted to see more of the world and say yes to more things so this year I have been to Asia twice, travelling to China with DCU and then Thailand with friends. Both trips were amazing and I will definitely write blogs on both and give anyone who is interested, tips on what to visit and what to do if they are planning a trip to either. It was my first time to Asia and a totally eye opening experience, as their traditions and way of life is completely different to Ireland and even Europe. I have definitely caught the travel bug for Asia, and would love to explore it some more. I have set myself a challenge of travelling to 30 countries before 30, and have even bought a scratch map so that I can take my planning to the next level. Next on the list for me is Colombia, then perhaps a few cities in Europe, a trip to Canada and eventually Australia and surrounding countries to visit friends.


Summer 2018 has been amazing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having the time to see friends that I didn’t see all that much during the first year of my masters. Some of my friends have now moved to Canada, and some will be moving to Australia soon, so it will be tough to remain focussed in college whilst they are living their lives elsewhere. I do sometimes think would I have been better off moving away first before doing my masters or settling into full time work, but I am firm believer in things happening for a reason and that what is for you won’t pass you. In terms of updates on myself,  I am still absolutely addicted to online shopping, my dog, changing my hair colour and following the insta.single page on Instagram because it is so relatable. I still detest tinder and bumble, but yet still use them sporadically, and am waiting for prince charming to show up at my door because let’s be honest I will not be leaving my house that much over the next 11 months.

So there you go, my short but sweet updates on 2018. I also went to Electric Picnic for the first time and absolutely loved it, I finally got to see Gavin James live after about 4 years of wanting to and yes, I did cry with joy. My posts on Thailand and China will be coming soon, so make sure to check back if you are interested in travelling Thailand for three weeks or visiting China.

Speak to you all soon,

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