My Night Time Skincare Routine

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today’s post is all about the skincare routine that I follow! Skincare is so important and something I have been getting into over the last year or so. I have never really had problematic skin, I get the odd blemish/spots around my time of the month or if I am eating really badly, but other than that I have clear skin which I am so thankful for.

My routine is quite quick and easy, I will bring you through it step by step!

Step 1: I remove my face makeup with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. All you do is put the cleanser on a cotton pad and wipe your face clean. I love this stuff as it is so affordable and does the job! You can buy this in your local Pennys.

Step 2: I then move on to my eyes where I use the BRYT Skincare eyes and makeup remover. I had heard a lot about BRYT skincare over the past few weeks and follow a few bloggers who went to their event so I was quite excited to try this. I got it in McCabes pharmacy in Blanchardstown shopping center. It is excellent for sensitive skin so I really like using it on my eyes which can be quite sensitive at times.

 Step 3: Next I use one of two Lancome products! First is the Lancome Advanced Genifique – Youth Activating Concentrate! I absolutely love this product as you really feel it soaking into your skin and it is super smooth afterwards. The other product is the one I would use more often, the Hydra Zen Masque – Anti Stress Moisturising Overnight Serum. This serum is so refreshing on the skin, and really calms down any redness that I generally have on my face. Debenhams department store has great deals on at the moment on Lancome products!

Step 4: Eye creams are so important! I use mine so much that I have actually ran out of it and need to repurchase asap! I normally use the no.7 Protect & Perfect eye cream. I use eye cream to help prevent any unwanted lines which I am bound to get from smiling and laughing so much, but also I feel that it helps with tired and dark circles. You can pick up this in your local boots store!

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As you can see, I don’t use too many products – mainly because I am lazy and like to be quick!! If you have any recommendations for products that you use let me know, I love trying new products!

Samantha xo

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Cocoa Brown Review: Kind Shampoo and Conditioner

Happy Monday girls.

Firstly, I feel like we should all take a moment to praise Cocoa Brown.

Ok, now I can start this blog post.

I have a sensitive scalp which means that the majority of shampoos and conditioners that I try will give me dandruff. Not only is it very irritating and itchy on your scalp but it is ridiculously embarrassing when you are basically shedding from your head in work or when you’re out. I also have coloured hair – naturally I am quite dark but I currently have blonde highlights which can cause my hair to be dryer than usual.

Let the praise commence!
When I first heard about the Kind range from Cocoa Brown I was very excited, but of course I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I read reviews online from some of my favourite bloggers such as Fashionaid, sineaddeblogger and of course the Cocoa Brown girls (Marissa, Stephanie and Kate) and finally decided that I would give it a try. I bought mine for €3 each in Primark, along with another bottle of the one hour tan and tried them that night.

First impressions where it smells amazing, I need my shampoo and conditioner to smell nice as I love having the freshly washed scent in my hair after a shower. The second thing I look for is the lather in the product. I have quite thick hair so I hate when I have to use a large amount of product to get a good wash, but with the kind range I only needed a small amount (big plus, and a cost saver!!) Third thing is obvious, the after effect. When I dried my hair it was super smooth, and it was very well conditioned. I was delighted!!

I have to hand it to Cocoa Brown, so far each product I have tried I can’t say a bad thing about it. The golden goddess oil (click here for my review) literally is my best friend for nights out, along with their tan (1 hour tan and the Night Day tan). I am so excited to see what new products they have in store for the future as I know that I get true value for money!

Wearing Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil and Cocoa Brown Night Day Tan

Samantha x

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Cocoa Brown Review: Real life Golden Goddess

Happy Tuesday Girls,
I hope you are all having a good start to the week! Today I wanted to write about the new love of my life – Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess oil. I do not know why I have only bought this in the last month but it has honestly transformed my tanning routine for the best.
When tanning, I usually use one of two tanning brands which are Bbold Tan and Cocoa Brown. I trust both brands and have only ever had good experiences with them. On top of my tan application I would normally use some of my Mary Loumanizer from the Balm for highlight along my collar bones.

When I was in Galway during the summer for the races my friend Terrina had the golden goddess oil, so that is when I tried it for the first time and instantly fell in love with the glow that it gives. It comes out so well on camera, can be used on cheekbones for highlight effect and it looks great when applied down the front of your shins, giving them a holiday glow.

I picked up my first bottle from Pennys! Safe to say it will be a staple for nights out from now on, and I cannot wait to try the new Ice Goddess oil that comes out next month! 

Samantha x
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