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Rose Gold Heaven at Primark



Happy Monday gals!

I hope that you have all made it through Monday with a smile on your faces, but if not don’t worry only 4 more nights until the weekend! haha but lets not wish our lives away – rather,  let’s talk about Primark Homeware instead.

This weekend, I went on a little shopping spree (payday weekend – did I really have a choice?). I felt I needed to get a few A/W winter pieces for when the weather gets that bit colder – so I popped into Pennys/Primark – I am not too sure what to be calling it these days haha. Whilst I was in the clothing department, I knew I couldn’t leave without seeing if there was anything that caught my eye in the homeware department. Once again I wanted everything – so I am happy that I have a specific colour scheme that I try keep to in my room (see here), so I was looking for items that were either rose gold, metalic, white or grey – and Luckily Primark had exactly what I was looking for!!

Enjoy xx

Fluffy Throw: €28
Grey and Rose Gold Cushion: €10
White and Rose Gold Cushion: €8
Jewelry Stand €7
Bed Sheets and Top Grey Pillow are from Primark


My New Room!

A few months ago I moved rooms in my house, so I got the chance to decide exactly how I wanted my new room to look, colour scheme furniture etc. I didn’t expect it to cost as much as it did, but sure it was worth it in the end.

I am now in the attic and the difference the redecorating made is incredible. As I mentioned in my previous post about my inspiration for the room (see here), I wanted to keep it simple, feminine with plain colours. I wanted the colour scheme to be grey and white, with the occasional copper pieces. I have not yet found everything I wanted but I am thrilled with how it has turned out, so I have decided to share a little before and after!

This was a complete DIY job so I had both the help of my mam and her partner Tony. To be honest they did the majority of the decorating as I am a little useless. I did help with the sanding down and with some of the painting – but a massive thanks to mam and Tony for their help!

I got my wallpaper and wall paint from Woodies, along with other bits and bobs such as ceiling paint, gloss and paintbrushes. Furniture wise my Bed is from Marks and Spencer, and the majority of my other furniture including my vanity desk, mirrors, lights and large rug are from Ikea.

I am still on the hunt for a bedside lamp and some copper accessories but I am sure that I will find some over the next few weeks!

Hope you like my room just as much as I do,
Samantha xo


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Room Inspiration.

After nearly 14 years of having the same bedroom, I am finally moving to a bigger room! Delighted is a bit of an understatement as I truly can’t wait to have more space. My sister has moved out which means the converted attic is mine to decorate and make my own. I plan to paint and wallpaper this weekend, and hopefully move my stuff up this month!

Organising and decorating is one of my favourite things to do. If I am stressed or upset, or just feeling down – nothing clears my mind more than organising every drawer I have in my room. Some may think that is their worst way to spend an evening, but for me I really enjoy it! I feel like that is perhaps why I am so excited about moving rooms. I get to decorate a whole room from scratch so I have been stalking Instagram accounts and Pinterest on a daily basis for the past month or so.

I have decided to go for a plain-ish style. I want greys, whites and metallic colours with a comfy yet quirky feel. I have all my furniture picked out, including the amazing ikea desk, lights and mirror! I want a large rug and a lot of shoe storage.

Here are some of the images that are inspiring me for decorating my new room, I hope you enjoy!

Samantha x




     – All images included have been taken from Pinterest and are not my own. 

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